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Mitutoyo 103-922-99 Outside Micrometer Set of 3 (Mitutoyo 103-922-99)

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  • Hammertone-green, baked-enamelfinished frame.
  • Ratchet Stop or Friction Thimble for exact repetitive readings.
  • With a standard bar except for 0-1" model

Technical Data

Graduation: .001" or .0001"
Flatness: .000024” for models up
to 12” .00004” for models over 12”
Parallelism: [.00008 + .00004 (L/4)]” L= max range (inch)
Measuring faces: Carbide tipped
Mitutoyo 103-922-99 Outside Micrometer Set of 3
Our Price : $431.00  ea




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